Jul 15, 2014


Oh well.. that's been a long long time again. So hey, what's up with you? There has happened a lot since my last post, so without even reading that one again I will just tell you the things that pop into my mind.

First things first I'm the realest. Very iggy, I know right. But for real, I passed this school year!! I'm so happy I did, cause I was pretty scared to not make it trough this year. If you only had seen my grades... But eventually, along with a lot of stress and hard work, I got there and passed! So goodbye to stress!
School was the reason to not upload anything... I have a lot of fun ideas in mind to do, and now I finally have time, kind of then..

And now I am here sitting in my bed with my laptop, typing this post. 

I made plans to do all these fun things this holiday, and I will someday, but now I mostly gotta work.. Ugh! and in my spare time I shop online quite a lot, without even buying.. I really need some clothes, mostly for Blanes. Cause that's where I'm headed at the end of summer with my friendies. Quite excited! But I don't really order cause I really do gotta save up some money. Unless someone is interested in donating me a decent amount of money, something with three zero's would be nice, four would be okay too ;)

For the notice, I started pilates again.. Kinda proud you know.. Okay I probably should not exagerate since it's the first day. But I also drunk more than 2 litres water today, oh well oh well. Someday I am going to be healthy ;) (and let's hope it's soon, cause I can really use a flat stomach. 'Did I hear someone sayin' crop topsss?')

Another thing I didn't even mention here, a while back I went to a festival with some friends. And oh my, it was so so so amazing! I absolutely loved it! We also slept there in a little tent, quite little. But it was really fun and I loved it so much with these people. Awh memories ...
Oh by the way, saw Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, Arctic Monkeys, The Rolling Stones, Nina Nesbitt, Bastille, Stromae, Chef Special and I'm probably forgetting some. Not trying to show off or anything. haha no really. But if you ever get the chance to go to something like that, don't even have a doubt! Even if it costs some. I promiss it's absolutely worth it!! I doubted a lot and almost decided to not go, but I'm truly so happy I did go. I  can't even think imagina to not have had this experience.

This point brings me to another one, I brought a disposable camera to the festival. Tomorrrow since I have to go print some other photo's, I'm going to let them print aswell. I just can't wait to see them.

Another thing!! I saw 'The Fault In Our Stars' Saturday night! It was really really good. I also had a great time with my friend and we got some time to talk again. Always nice.

And finally, props to you if you read all of this! I'm going on a vacation with my dad and the fam this friday! Wooh! We are going to the dutch shore for around ten days! Very exciting!

Well that's a wrap.

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PS: I did order some stuff.. oops. Maybe a cute crop top, bikini and some stila make-up..? Photo's follow, when I get it in the mail. 
PPS: I really dislike instagram at the moment.
PPPS: I have a new tumblr with my bestie: locopalms it is.
PPPPS: I really should give my mother a b'day present, her birthday was the 7th. 
PPPPPS: I don't even wanna know all the faults in this post at the moment. I will check tomorrow
PPPPPPS: ugghhh I'm such a child

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