Feb 11, 2014


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So hey everyone! Finally! Well that have been a really(!!!!!!) long time no talk! WOW! It's been since last year (omg, happy belated freaking new year!!) I wrote a post here, and I really missed it since. But since I have been also missing time, it did not really work out.. But here for you all the long long promised post with the pics I took with my 'La Sardina - St Tropez' - talking bout fancy.. - last summer. I got them, because it's an old school camera, and the pics have to be printed and all, a little time ago. But I hadn't found time to scan them all into my computer, edit and upload them, and oh god. It took me a little longer then expected. I have been doing this all day, but here we go! (it aren't even all the pics, but some (let's say swimwear..) shots where not really share-able.) I really liked it though, because it was so nice to go trough all the pictures again and really relive those moments.

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- do you see my little progress in the pictures, last are better, right? - 
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My vacation split in parts, the pictures are in chronologic order.. Make your own borders. hehe.

 First: Turkey! I went there with my sisters mom, my cousins, aunt and uncle. It was so much fun!! I basically see my cousins as my really close friends, so I had such a blast with them. We drunk ( a lot - a lot of ) cocktails, layed down and watched stars, swum, ate ( the food was a-ma-zing, quite fattening as well) gone to the beach, danced, but most of all had a really good time. So good, we are going on a holliday this summer with them again! Woohoo!

 Second: Home, Here I was home for a little and saw some of my lovely friends, who were home as well. I had such a great time with them. And I simply just love to see these pictures!

 Third: The holiday I went on with my dad. We went to a little town just in holland at the shore, and it was really nice and fun! Much better then I had actually expected (oops haha). But it was really great.

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I already am getting so excited for summer by all these pictures. Especially since my friends and I booked a vacation together! Ahh I'm so so excited! This summer I am going with three friends to Blanes, España! Oh gosh!! That's gonna be something...I guess. Haha! 

I just wanna end this post by saying last year have been kind of strange and full of changes, but changes really are good. I had no idea and could not have hoped to be where I am right now, cliché cliché.. But really, I am simply just so happy with all the good, sweet and lovely people in my life at the moment..  So don't be afraid to start again, really, it is okay and will be. 

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