Nov 7, 2013

how's life

Hey everyone, that has been a long time no see, for the change! It's being pretty crazy at the moment, I have a test week coming up, which are not quite my favourite. But for the better, my Miu Miu sunglasses I got from ebay just arrived, and it's fab! I love it, I have always had this thing for miu miu and it was just a brand that I really fancied, so when I saw this baby I could not do different then bid, and to my surprise I wasn't outbid by anyone. So I guess it was meant to be. But I will make some pictures when test week is over, because I really should stop procrastinate... I am also currently kind of addicted to thrift shopping. Whut whut whut whut... my friend and I have a period off every Thursday and then we go thrift shopping together, there's one like five minutes away from school, and it's really fun! I might show you all my finds there in another post. Also it was my birthday today a week ago, and I would have loved to show you what I have got, but I haven't yet, because my mom thought it would be a good idea to give an IPhone (yesss!) after the test week, which kind of is, anyway if there are any suggestions for another phone tell me, my dad is strongly against the IPhone haha. And next to that I got money, but I don't think pictures of that would be too interesting. Some other exciting news, I think I am going to participate in Kunstbende 2014, I already signed up actually, so I could not go back, let's see how that goes! So now I will get back to my studying, because I just heard I forgot my homework and books way too often this semester, which is also totally my own stupid fault. I really should try harder. I am going to kick some ass, Kisses! <3 

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