Sep 15, 2013


Hey hey hey, so it's been a while since I have given a sign of life. But I still am alive, quite. So almost a month of school has been already passed by, which is quite odd.. But it has been pretty great till now. I had some amazing party's, good talks and did some really great other things, some not so great things, for example have been a steward in my school, which is this new stupid concept, you have to wear these blue jackets and walk in the auditiorium with another person during the break to make sure it will stay clean.. But it wasn't too bad, cause I had to do it with a friend, and she is really funny. The homework and tests also belong too the not too great parts...  But a more exciting thing, I am changing up my room currently! And it is looking better and better, so we are getting somewhere! When it's finished I will get you some photo's! I don't really know why I am updating you on my not so interesting life right now, but I just felt like blogging.. It's probably also because i like to procrastinate the left homework I have to do, which is like everything, so let's get started! I wish you all a really really amazing week, make the best out of it!! Btw, my day is starting with 2 hours of PE tomorrow, oh lord save me....

--- All my holiday pics taken by my lomography camera, are coming in one post, when they are done!! 

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  1. Who will it be :)...24/10/13

    Once you receive the pictures of your fur coat you GOT to upload them! Fredster is excited ^^

    1. I will I will! haha het kost wat tijd... En who oh who.....


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