Aug 19, 2013


Just a really quick post before I am heading to the shower and get myself ready. My vacation is officially over, and it kind of sucks. it feels like it have gone so fast! So why don't we take a look back to where it all started haha, this sounds dramatic. Okay, so first off I just had a week at home a little relax week is always good, then I headed to Turkey!! with my sisters and lovely cousins, okay our parents were involved too, but it was so so great! I loved it there! after that I had a little week at home again, saw some friends hung out, you know the things. then i headed to my dad, and stayed a week at his. After... we went to a shore place in Holland, just with the fam, and I actually really enjoyed it there! and we had great weather too, kind of new for holland... and at least I stayed one more week at my dads did some fun things and then got back to my mothers home again, and stayed there for the week, and hang out with friends and did some really fun things.. For example, yesterday I have been to dancetour, if you don't know what it is, it's like a festival with dance music. And it was really really great! I then spontaniously stayed the night at my best friends home and cycled to my home this morning, and I have to admit I bought an agenda just today, little late again.. haha! But anyways, today is just gonna be a quick introduction, but still I am so not excited... but we will seeee, cause I gotta hurry! Bye!
btw; a post with all holliday photos taken with my lomography camera is coming!! + a get ready for school post! 

- fresh new start, enjoy it - use it , put effort in the people arround you, be nice, and let's see what you will get in return -
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