Jul 20, 2013

let's get RETRO ✿

- I mean, why not? -
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18-07-13 // Granny Confusions
While i am sitting in front of two grannys in the train to Amsterdam, and accidentally got stuck in their conversation, not that i am talking with them, not at all, just listening. And they are quite interesting I should say, it kind of comes together at the point that everyone needs respect and want to be respected.. I guess it counts for all ages in every generation.  - And since their life experience, should we not just listen a little more to them?-  Not saying I am always respecive to everyone, let's not include my behavior, not that it is that bad, however it does sound like that right now.. But lets show some more respect to people, all of us, so if you are reading this right now, yes you! Do it, try it! However we may like the people or not, do know or do not, let's all respect a little more, because the importance of respect is a key of to a lot of doors.. - okay, okay, this sounds real creapy... - and I know a great time to all get a little respective.. Hmmm... To be continued.. again..

PS- one old lady a few seats away is looking really sad and a lot to my sister and I. hmm..
I really am stuck in - and - impressed by a granny train.. Quite fun..
Oh and all of these thoughts were happening on my sisters birthday, a few pictures of that day, must be included:
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  1. mooi verhaal ben het helemaal met je eens, en super leuke zonnebril!
    bedankt voor de super lieve comment op mijn blog, je maakte mijn dag echt met dat compliment :$
    ik vind je blog heerlijk om te lezen, ik volg je nu!

    xx ish

    1. Awhh wat lief! en leuk! Jij ook bedankt! en ik ga jou ook volgen, je blog is echt super! Liefs xx

  2. Love the photo! And I agree about what you´vw written; we should definitely show more respect to others because when we respect others, we also respect ourselves :) ♥


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