Jul 25, 2013


23-07-13 // Hey there! The weather is hot, hot, hot! And this day was a-ma,ma-zing! It seriously was! Do you remember the party in the meadow post from a year ago? I think not, but I do! It was about a picnic with my gurlll, and today we were reunited! We again had a great time, and I loved it so much! We also again packed a picnic basket, this time filled with cherry's, watermelon, turkish bread, tzatziki, pesto - her mom made it, and it is seriously the best pesto, like ever, this should be awarded, or at least something.. - crisps, tomatoes, cucumber, cake, and some drinks, that's a whole lot haha! and then after our little bicycle ride we plopped down in the meadow. We listened too some tunes, enjoyed our food and talked. This girl is a great one to talk to, she really is. To cool down a little, we dropped ourselves in her hot tub, which will probably not sound that attractive right now, because of the part - hot -, in combination with the weather. But the temperature was under your bodytemp, so it was perfect! I had so much fun with her today, and I had a really really amazing time, thanks babe!

 'If you are wondering and trying to found out how to change up things for the better, been doubting for a long time, start doubting yourself, what do you do wrong? After changing up your mind, be positive, make fun, be crazy, and make sure to love, make sure to love as much as you possibly can..'  
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  1. Ooh je herinnerd me eraan dat ik ook snel moet gaan picknicken!!

  2. I´m glad you had a nice day! and the quote is lovely :)

  3. Ah klinkt als een heerlijk dagje! En picknicken, wat een goed idee! Dat heb ik echt te lang niet meer gedaan helaas.


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