Jun 9, 2013


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Hey there handsome.. It's been a BUSY week, real busy.. haha! Again I know, I just have a lot of bussiness in my life going on, I guess so. Okay back to the point, I am feeling like I am turning in to a lifestyle blog, because I am typing about my life so much. Okay you may not see so much of it, but it feels like a lot though haha! Because there have a lot of concepts written, anyway let's get to the week! Sunday it all started, I joined a Math Project last year, and went to Germany for that, it's an exchange programme and you do math's in the particular country you are chosen to go to, However I first joined it to go to Spain, and not really for the maths, because I was terrible at them, I went to Germany and really really loved it. So it's been over a year, and now it was time to change roles, and we would be host families for three/four days. I would host a german girl, not the one I stayed at, but someone I did already know from my time there. She and the students from her school would arrive monday, and all the students from the other schools would arrive sunday, so sunday night we all went to a cafe, ofcourse my girl was not there yet, so she could not come, though I had a really nice time, and laughed so much! Then monday it was time to get to know each other a little bit, so it was a introduction morning, and after we went to an amusement park, the Efteling, we had to do maths, but it was okay. Monday evening I went to a friend of mine, with some other students from the project, and it was real fun! Let's then get to tuesday, we were again going to the same amusement park, and yay for spare time! In the evening we had a party organised by school, and it was so fun! I did not expect that at all. Our party's at school are kind of lame  most of the time, but oh let me tell you, I danced for my lifeee... Oh lord... But let's get to last but not least, Wednesday! We went to a city, Den Bosch, very near us, and we ate there and went on a canaltour, which was unexpectedly beautiful! Again we got some free time, but we were kind of tired... You know.. haha! Most of the students that had arrived Sunday, left after visiting the city to their countrys and homes again, but my girl stayed! Yay! My friend and her girl came over and we watched, Mean Girls, it was fun! But let me tell you one thing, I have done these programme things before and they exhaust you, seriously...

So when I finally got weekend, I could not be happier! Though It was not bad at school at all this week.. But there was another reason, I could not be happier, because I was going to an audition saturday! I had not expect they would invite me, but they did and I was so glad! It was an audition for an dance/theather group. And very suprisingly I was not nervous at all, I don't know why or how I got the confidence, but we had to improvise, and do some things by ourself for a group, and I did it, I did not even shiver, it just went well. I could not believe it! When I am standing for my class, I will shake so much the paper will fall out of my hand, and my heart would beat so fast you can hear it if I talk. But here, I was fine, it felt right. I went there alone, my mom brought me, but left to the city. First I saw all these people talking and was like 'Ahh, they all know eachother, OMG!' Let's get away! But I am so happy I didn't! When I walked in, I already got in a conversation with two girls, and they were very nice. I was not in the same group as them, but with some others, 4 girls, 1 boy. And I had fun, real fun! I really liked the group I was in, and I just finally felt so good. I was also so happy I went there alone, just so you're independent. And not sticked to some, it's good to do somethings alone. I don't think I made it too the next round, because everyone was a lot older and more experienced than me. But I had a really great day, and I met some really really amazing people, It all felt right, I felt right. I found something I really loved. So if you are doubting about trying out something like this, don't, do it, get to it. Today I read this: experience is happiness. And you can tell me I am a 15 year old, who doesnot know where she is talking about at all, I would think that, I would.

Now a little preview from this week, a lot of studying, because there is a test week coming up, starting from friday, oh lord! Save me! And wednesday I will hear if I made it or not.. And for now, do some more homework and try to get out of my chair if that will ever happen, aka, my muscles hurt as fck....

But I did felt happy, really happy.
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