Jun 14, 2013


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Hey there! (delilah... lalalala) Distracted, busted, again! Yes guys, it's this time of the year again, Test Week! If you have never had a test week, and have no idea what it is, what you probably want to keep like that, but still I am just going to tell you.. It's a week full of test, like an exam week, if your grades are not very good it can be very conclusive, so I have to work very hard.. But Damn it! I am distracted so fast!! It seems like I can only work under pressure or something, I don't know.. Today "The Testweek" Better known as hell, started and it actually went well. But again, again.. I did not start studying very early before the test, why, oh lord, am I such a procrastinator.... And then also the big news came! My sister graduated high school! And my three cousins did too, so that meant PARTY, but such a shame I could not stay very long, because -> studying. But it was overall a good and fun night and day! I wish you a very great week, I am going to lock myself in my room for the weekend, and try to survive, eeeeh eeh! lalalalala... Songs are distractive.. Don't blame me! Anyway enjoy your weekend! Congratulations if you are gratuaded, and if you have to study as hard as I have to, I am here for you!
- listen, distractiveness guaranteed

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  1. Good Luck!! :)
    www.clashingtime.blogspot.com <3

  2. Love your shirt and good luck! I got a pretty hard exam coming up too ;)

    xx Nicola


  3. Thank you for your comment :) http://clashingtime.blogspot.co.uk

  4. Lovely pics!!!!!!!!!!! Nice collar!!!
    Angela Donava


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