May 12, 2013


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Hey everyone, today a little DIY project for you all! It's very easy and simple, but it will give your sneakers a very cool and vintage look. I hope you will like it, so let's get started!

Needed Items:
- Denim, you can use any denim you might like. Left in the picture is some left over denim from a sleeve, I would recommend something like that because it's a lot easier to cut. you can just cut around and have one big piece.
- Scissors.
- Measuring tape. (not really necessary)

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pictures left to right. 

1. Measure from the bottom around 2.5 cm - 1 inch. You don't have to draw a line over the entire fabric, because if it isn't the exact same thickness everywhere it will give it a very nice and a bit more vintage effect. But if you would like, it's fine too of course.
2. Start cutting from there.
3. Cut the denim all around, so it is one big piece.
4. When you got one large string, make sure to measure it, so it will be long enough to wear in your sneakers. I recommend to first measure the laces that fit in your sneakers, and then make sure these new ones are about the same. Mine were around 125 cm - 50 inch.

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this step is very optional, and may seem a bit unuseful, but it really depends on your sneaker. So first take a look if you actually have to do this, the lace holes in my sneakers are very tiny, so if I folded the seam it wouldn't fit in, that's why I did this. But if it does fit in your sneaker, you're fine!

1. First make sure if you have to do this. So let's take a look at your sneaker lace holes.
2. Pull the seam apart, and make two separated pieces of it.
3. Now you have left over all these tiny pieces.
4. Find the matching ends, or at least the ones that look a like a bit, and sew this together again. This seam will be a lot thinner then the one before, so hopefully it fits in your sneaker perfectly now. All the pieces are one big string again now.

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Of course you can go with any colour to sew your laces!

1. fold the string in half, and pin it all the way. this will make the sewing part a bit easier. If you are not such a sew noob as I am, this is not necessary of course.
2. Sew the two ends together. And if you would like to, you can also sew a hemline, it will give the laces a cute effect.

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this is the finished look! I hope you liked this little DIY, so let me know what you think of it!
The given inches and cm's aren't very exact, I just did it how I thought it looked right.
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