Apr 29, 2013


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hey there darlings! This Friday I got back from greece!!! I will talk about that later, but I can tell you it was pretttty amazing!! Anyway, since I am still super amazingly tired, I was in the -let's make weird pictures of yourself with too much light and a flitser and let's put it in this weird ass programme and put over a filter and then put it in tinypic that don't want to make it in the right size but let's be too lazy to try something else and just let it be - mood. But anyway, I was bored and decided to make this, I hope y'all like this. And if you are in this mood, which I am not going to type again, you should do the same and share it with the world! Then back on topic,today my friend came over and we watched pitch perfect, I actually liked it but not very much, I think my expectations were a bit too high. After that we watched a dutch soap, which was very funny. And my plans for tonight include another movie, Sidney White, probably. Because I don't want to think much and it's just so funny! This is how my super exciting life since Saturday runs. Because I am still too tired to do something else haa. But I am going to make a change, tomorrow I am going to the city to celebrate queensday!! So for all of those who will celebrate Q-day too, have an amazing day! And make lots of fun! And for all the others, ofcourse do the same! 
Lots of Love! xxxxx

btw I am hunderd percent aware of my - hey babe, let's get high - face in the very first picture, don't judge me ;)

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