Mar 20, 2013

TRENDS - S/S 2013

However it is really time the summer and spring arrive, is Holland a bit late this year, again... But to get in the spring and summer mood, it's actually snowing here :O, But on topic to get in this mood I made some inspiration pictures, where I hope you get some inspiration from! A Summer and Spring list of fashion items will come later! But for now just some pictures with trends, I personally think the summer and spring trends are amazing this year! So let's get started....

Girly Spring

So we start of with a Girly Spring, I have seen a lot of girly things on the runway, like lace, pleats and florals. I thought I would be nice to mix it up with some soft colours, like corals and light pink.
Bohemian Chic
Then something I think that's very nice, the Bohemian Style! I love this style, and you are going to see this style a lot in the spring and summer, think, high waisted shorts, fringes, combat boots, and I personally really like to mix it up with some golden details. Again, some lace, you can combine this in so many ways!
Retro Livinf
Then the RETRO style! Let's take a moment! This style is sooo fun! And just adorable! Think, peplum, flowers, skirts, cropped tops, corsets, cat-eye sunglasses and of course polka dots!
________________________________________________________________________________Pretty Pastel

The Pretty Pastel style! Yes people, pastels are back, again! Pastels are very nice to combine with each other, with denim or with the same tint. If someone would like a post about how to combine pastels, let me know!
Note: This is kind of the girly style again, but the pastel trend is completely focused on pastels, that's why I separated them.
The futuristic style, this is kind of a new and probably a kind of scary style, for some of us, including me. If you are a bit scared to wear a complete metallic dress or pants, I recommend to wear this like an accessories, like sunglasses, the tip off your shoes, or a fun bag! Also asymmetric dresses are very fun!
Crazy Printing
Crazy Printing, oh well! There are a lot of prints that are going to be very hot this season, think polka dots, flowers, scarves prints, or just a printed top (lion!!) Also mixing prints will be a huge trend!

I hoped you liked it, and you got some inspiration from these pictures! And I got you in the summer mood! I can't wait, what about you? 

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