Mar 17, 2013


Hey darlings! I have done something super awesome, OMG! I had never ever been to a concert before, but thursday I made a change! I went to the concert of Cody Simpson, a lot of you will probably not know who this handsome australian is, and who do know him, there will probably be a few that don't really like him. And I have to admit, we actually bought the tickets because of his gorgeous face, kind of weird right? Who does that? I was a fan of him, but not a diehard fan or any.. I knew his music, but now guys let me tell you.. I LOVE this kid and his music! The concert was a-ma-zing! It was in Tivioli in Utrecht, it was pretty small and cute there, and we were very close by the stage so we had the best sight ;) I talked to so many random people because of my huge excitement, and this is totally random too but they just gave us waterbottles and stuff and it was so nice, and the people were nice and it was just a cozy and fun concert. Oh and btw we set a record of the decibel record for the loudest screams ever. Oh yeah! So I want to advice you, if you have never been to a concert before and you got the chance you really should go! It's a great experience, and it doesn't have to be a huge concert or anything, just something small for the better. And if you still don't know who he is, here some pictures and music of him..
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Cody Simpson - Paradise Album

He also got a gorgeous sister, what a lucky parents ;) And she has a blog too and a tres inspirational instagram, So I suggest you check it out and tell me what you think of this gorgeous boy and girl :)
Have a great sunday! Love, xxxx
Title, it's a fan thing ;) 

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