Feb 3, 2013


Hi Sweeties! Like I told you, I missed blogging. And today I decided why not post something you missed it right? And yes it's true, don't judge me, I didn't post anything a whole week when I told I totally would. I don't even have an excuse, so badass ;) Guys you can blame me. So today I decided it was time for a change! haha again I know! I used to think that a lot actually. So when I was reading my first blog posts again, they are hilarious by the way, but they are written in dutch, so luckily for me not the entire internet can read them. But back to the point, in literally every post I said I'am going to post more, like seriously. So to make my promises finally true, here's a post! With some pictures I made last summer. Because I can't wait till summer 2013, I have this weird imagination that if it's summer everything is going to be allright and on this moment I really need everything to be okay again, so I'am going to hold on to that. I wish you all a great week! Kiss!
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  1. No need to apolgise for not blogging frequently. I'm guilty as for the same thing!


  2. Leuke foto's! Ik heb precies hetzelfde trouwens. Ik lach me nu dood om al mijn oude blogposts haha! Iedere keer als ik het lees dan heb ik weer heel veel zin om te bloggen maar het komt er gewoon steeds niet van.. Je bent niet de enige! :D

    X Cindy


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