Jan 26, 2013


Hi darlings!! i am so relieved and happy because my blog is finally working again there was something wrong with my gadget what is obviously not interesting at all.. But I wish you all a great and amazing 2013!! its quite late, but better late then never, right? Although I didnt blogged much last year I really missed it and my resolution is to blog more! (Standard isn't?) But I actually was a bit active on the internet, on my tumblr to be exact. If you have tumblr comment yours, because I am kind of obsessed.. Beside that I was just reading all the lovely comments I ever had on my blog, and I am actually surprised that that many people are interested in my blog/life, wow! its amazing and this society is great! So I want to thank all of you so much that ever left a comment on my blog or took the time to read my blog or just took a look. I am so sorry i didnt always responded or left a comment on yours, but i am coming back on track and getting back like the old days. So definetly expect some comments of me! And expect also a lot more post. i have a few very fun ideas and I can't wait to share them! Because I didn't comment a lot this year, you can spam yourself at the comments! Tell me what you like, what your blog is about where I should follow you or somethng you just want to tell! Thank you so much!

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