Mar 8, 2012


Hi everyone!
Just a very quick update, This week I've got a testweek and I'am almost done! Only two more test and then I'am DONE! Yeah, can't wait cause I'am sick of learning.. And thats why I'am avoiding learning and do things that I realy shouldn't do. Like making a face chart, wth is making a face chart in a testweek yes, I, I do! so here it is, just a simple shot of my face chart.
BTW: Also the layout is a little bit better than before but still not great. So I'am still working on it. And after testweek I'am seriously gonna blog. I know I said this before, but i feel it, I'am gonna keep this promise.
cause blogging is just awesome and I miss it

I know it's not great, there is a weird spot on the left and it looks like it have a beard. And the eyes are not the same shape, but yeah first face chart in a long time, so forgive me.
maybe I will do a post with all my facecharts if you like, AND if I can find them ;)

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