Jul 11, 2011


I'm finally free! My testweek is over and I'll post my results on my blog later. I'm such a bad blogger, haha. But there'll come some change like a new layout, cause this one is so ugly haha. And my sister can make very cute layouts, so she will help me, lucky me! check out her tumblr. Another change is MORE POSTS! It's vacation time so everyone has more time, me². I'am going to make a DIY, cause my mom bought a sewing machine. And a lot more outfit posts. My plans for this holiday, About a week I´m going to Spain, Menorca in a hotel with my dad, his girlfriend, my sisters and my little brother ofcourse so a lot of pictures will come. and about four weeks I´am going to Greece, Cos, with my mum and sisters. So I wish you all a beautiful holiday and tell me your plans  xxx Elin

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