Jul 15, 2014


Oh well.. that's been a long long time again. So hey, what's up with you? There has happened a lot since my last post, so without even reading that one again I will just tell you the things that pop into my mind.

First things first I'm the realest. Very iggy, I know right. But for real, I passed this school year!! I'm so happy I did, cause I was pretty scared to not make it trough this year. If you only had seen my grades... But eventually, along with a lot of stress and hard work, I got there and passed! So goodbye to stress!
School was the reason to not upload anything... I have a lot of fun ideas in mind to do, and now I finally have time, kind of then..

And now I am here sitting in my bed with my laptop, typing this post. 

I made plans to do all these fun things this holiday, and I will someday, but now I mostly gotta work.. Ugh! and in my spare time I shop online quite a lot, without even buying.. I really need some clothes, mostly for Blanes. Cause that's where I'm headed at the end of summer with my friendies. Quite excited! But I don't really order cause I really do gotta save up some money. Unless someone is interested in donating me a decent amount of money, something with three zero's would be nice, four would be okay too ;)

For the notice, I started pilates again.. Kinda proud you know.. Okay I probably should not exagerate since it's the first day. But I also drunk more than 2 litres water today, oh well oh well. Someday I am going to be healthy ;) (and let's hope it's soon, cause I can really use a flat stomach. 'Did I hear someone sayin' crop topsss?')

Another thing I didn't even mention here, a while back I went to a festival with some friends. And oh my, it was so so so amazing! I absolutely loved it! We also slept there in a little tent, quite little. But it was really fun and I loved it so much with these people. Awh memories ...
Oh by the way, saw Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, Arctic Monkeys, The Rolling Stones, Nina Nesbitt, Bastille, Stromae, Chef Special and I'm probably forgetting some. Not trying to show off or anything. haha no really. But if you ever get the chance to go to something like that, don't even have a doubt! Even if it costs some. I promiss it's absolutely worth it!! I doubted a lot and almost decided to not go, but I'm truly so happy I did go. I  can't even think imagina to not have had this experience.

This point brings me to another one, I brought a disposable camera to the festival. Tomorrrow since I have to go print some other photo's, I'm going to let them print aswell. I just can't wait to see them.

Another thing!! I saw 'The Fault In Our Stars' Saturday night! It was really really good. I also had a great time with my friend and we got some time to talk again. Always nice.

And finally, props to you if you read all of this! I'm going on a vacation with my dad and the fam this friday! Wooh! We are going to the dutch shore for around ten days! Very exciting!

Well that's a wrap.

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PS: I did order some stuff.. oops. Maybe a cute crop top, bikini and some stila make-up..? Photo's follow, when I get it in the mail. 
PPS: I really dislike instagram at the moment.
PPPS: I have a new tumblr with my bestie: locopalms it is.
PPPPS: I really should give my mother a b'day present, her birthday was the 7th. 
PPPPPS: I don't even wanna know all the faults in this post at the moment. I will check tomorrow
PPPPPPS: ugghhh I'm such a child

Feb 16, 2014


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While thriftshopping a little while ago I found these VERSACE Jeans! Omg! I was so excited, and I got even more excited when I realised they were only 3 euros and 50 cents.. I may or may not have screamed a little, but I am so glad I found these!
'Gotta love thriftshopping' 
Whut - Whut - Whut - Whut

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Feb 11, 2014


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So hey everyone! Finally! Well that have been a really(!!!!!!) long time no talk! WOW! It's been since last year (omg, happy belated freaking new year!!) I wrote a post here, and I really missed it since. But since I have been also missing time, it did not really work out.. But here for you all the long long promised post with the pics I took with my 'La Sardina - St Tropez' - talking bout fancy.. - last summer. I got them, because it's an old school camera, and the pics have to be printed and all, a little time ago. But I hadn't found time to scan them all into my computer, edit and upload them, and oh god. It took me a little longer then expected. I have been doing this all day, but here we go! (it aren't even all the pics, but some (let's say swimwear..) shots where not really share-able.) I really liked it though, because it was so nice to go trough all the pictures again and really relive those moments.

__  __________________________  __

- do you see my little progress in the pictures, last are better, right? - 
__  __________________________  __

My vacation split in parts, the pictures are in chronologic order.. Make your own borders. hehe.

 First: Turkey! I went there with my sisters mom, my cousins, aunt and uncle. It was so much fun!! I basically see my cousins as my really close friends, so I had such a blast with them. We drunk ( a lot - a lot of ) cocktails, layed down and watched stars, swum, ate ( the food was a-ma-zing, quite fattening as well) gone to the beach, danced, but most of all had a really good time. So good, we are going on a holliday this summer with them again! Woohoo!

 Second: Home, Here I was home for a little and saw some of my lovely friends, who were home as well. I had such a great time with them. And I simply just love to see these pictures!

 Third: The holiday I went on with my dad. We went to a little town just in holland at the shore, and it was really nice and fun! Much better then I had actually expected (oops haha). But it was really great.

__  __________________________  __

I already am getting so excited for summer by all these pictures. Especially since my friends and I booked a vacation together! Ahh I'm so so excited! This summer I am going with three friends to Blanes, España! Oh gosh!! That's gonna be something...I guess. Haha! 

I just wanna end this post by saying last year have been kind of strange and full of changes, but changes really are good. I had no idea and could not have hoped to be where I am right now, cliché cliché.. But really, I am simply just so happy with all the good, sweet and lovely people in my life at the moment..  So don't be afraid to start again, really, it is okay and will be. 

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Nov 10, 2013


Hey everyone, this must be a weekend full of school, but I could not resist one or more episodes of gossip girl, I know, not a good thing. And when you got the hang of it, you then just start looking in your files, and all of your pictures. Then I saw a few I realized, never posted. I totally forgot back then, So I thought it would be fun to post them now.
-  So these are taken by my cousin, Lisa, when she applied for her school. -Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I wish you all a great sunday, I am heading to a birthday and study some more, but for now, I would say sleep is good. Kiss! 
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Nov 7, 2013

how's life

Hey everyone, that has been a long time no see, for the change! It's being pretty crazy at the moment, I have a test week coming up, which are not quite my favourite. But for the better, my Miu Miu sunglasses I got from ebay just arrived, and it's fab! I love it, I have always had this thing for miu miu and it was just a brand that I really fancied, so when I saw this baby I could not do different then bid, and to my surprise I wasn't outbid by anyone. So I guess it was meant to be. But I will make some pictures when test week is over, because I really should stop procrastinate... I am also currently kind of addicted to thrift shopping. Whut whut whut whut... my friend and I have a period off every Thursday and then we go thrift shopping together, there's one like five minutes away from school, and it's really fun! I might show you all my finds there in another post. Also it was my birthday today a week ago, and I would have loved to show you what I have got, but I haven't yet, because my mom thought it would be a good idea to give an IPhone (yesss!) after the test week, which kind of is, anyway if there are any suggestions for another phone tell me, my dad is strongly against the IPhone haha. And next to that I got money, but I don't think pictures of that would be too interesting. Some other exciting news, I think I am going to participate in Kunstbende 2014, I already signed up actually, so I could not go back, let's see how that goes! So now I will get back to my studying, because I just heard I forgot my homework and books way too often this semester, which is also totally my own stupid fault. I really should try harder. I am going to kick some ass, Kisses! <3 

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Sep 15, 2013


Hey hey hey, so it's been a while since I have given a sign of life. But I still am alive, quite. So almost a month of school has been already passed by, which is quite odd.. But it has been pretty great till now. I had some amazing party's, good talks and did some really great other things, some not so great things, for example have been a steward in my school, which is this new stupid concept, you have to wear these blue jackets and walk in the auditiorium with another person during the break to make sure it will stay clean.. But it wasn't too bad, cause I had to do it with a friend, and she is really funny. The homework and tests also belong too the not too great parts...  But a more exciting thing, I am changing up my room currently! And it is looking better and better, so we are getting somewhere! When it's finished I will get you some photo's! I don't really know why I am updating you on my not so interesting life right now, but I just felt like blogging.. It's probably also because i like to procrastinate the left homework I have to do, which is like everything, so let's get started! I wish you all a really really amazing week, make the best out of it!! Btw, my day is starting with 2 hours of PE tomorrow, oh lord save me....

--- All my holiday pics taken by my lomography camera, are coming in one post, when they are done!! 

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Aug 19, 2013


Just a really quick post before I am heading to the shower and get myself ready. My vacation is officially over, and it kind of sucks. it feels like it have gone so fast! So why don't we take a look back to where it all started haha, this sounds dramatic. Okay, so first off I just had a week at home a little relax week is always good, then I headed to Turkey!! with my sisters and lovely cousins, okay our parents were involved too, but it was so so great! I loved it there! after that I had a little week at home again, saw some friends hung out, you know the things. then i headed to my dad, and stayed a week at his. After... we went to a shore place in Holland, just with the fam, and I actually really enjoyed it there! and we had great weather too, kind of new for holland... and at least I stayed one more week at my dads did some fun things and then got back to my mothers home again, and stayed there for the week, and hang out with friends and did some really fun things.. For example, yesterday I have been to dancetour, if you don't know what it is, it's like a festival with dance music. And it was really really great! I then spontaniously stayed the night at my best friends home and cycled to my home this morning, and I have to admit I bought an agenda just today, little late again.. haha! But anyways, today is just gonna be a quick introduction, but still I am so not excited... but we will seeee, cause I gotta hurry! Bye!
btw; a post with all holliday photos taken with my lomography camera is coming!! + a get ready for school post! 

- fresh new start, enjoy it - use it , put effort in the people arround you, be nice, and let's see what you will get in return -
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Jul 25, 2013


23-07-13 // Hey there! The weather is hot, hot, hot! And this day was a-ma,ma-zing! It seriously was! Do you remember the party in the meadow post from a year ago? I think not, but I do! It was about a picnic with my gurlll, and today we were reunited! We again had a great time, and I loved it so much! We also again packed a picnic basket, this time filled with cherry's, watermelon, turkish bread, tzatziki, pesto - her mom made it, and it is seriously the best pesto, like ever, this should be awarded, or at least something.. - crisps, tomatoes, cucumber, cake, and some drinks, that's a whole lot haha! and then after our little bicycle ride we plopped down in the meadow. We listened too some tunes, enjoyed our food and talked. This girl is a great one to talk to, she really is. To cool down a little, we dropped ourselves in her hot tub, which will probably not sound that attractive right now, because of the part - hot -, in combination with the weather. But the temperature was under your bodytemp, so it was perfect! I had so much fun with her today, and I had a really really amazing time, thanks babe!

 'If you are wondering and trying to found out how to change up things for the better, been doubting for a long time, start doubting yourself, what do you do wrong? After changing up your mind, be positive, make fun, be crazy, and make sure to love, make sure to love as much as you possibly can..'  
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Jul 20, 2013

let's get RETRO ✿

- I mean, why not? -
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18-07-13 // Granny Confusions
While i am sitting in front of two grannys in the train to Amsterdam, and accidentally got stuck in their conversation, not that i am talking with them, not at all, just listening. And they are quite interesting I should say, it kind of comes together at the point that everyone needs respect and want to be respected.. I guess it counts for all ages in every generation.  - And since their life experience, should we not just listen a little more to them?-  Not saying I am always respecive to everyone, let's not include my behavior, not that it is that bad, however it does sound like that right now.. But lets show some more respect to people, all of us, so if you are reading this right now, yes you! Do it, try it! However we may like the people or not, do know or do not, let's all respect a little more, because the importance of respect is a key of to a lot of doors.. - okay, okay, this sounds real creapy... - and I know a great time to all get a little respective.. Hmmm... To be continued.. again..

PS- one old lady a few seats away is looking really sad and a lot to my sister and I. hmm..
I really am stuck in - and - impressed by a granny train.. Quite fun..
Oh and all of these thoughts were happening on my sisters birthday, a few pictures of that day, must be included:
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Jul 19, 2013

☼ imagines aestatis ☼

Just a very small selection of pictures from my vacation in Turkey. unfortunately the pictures from this small selection are not even mine, the only thing I did, was opening my photoshop... hehe. Who these pictures did made, are my lovely cousins, simone and lisa. Both very talented, and Lisa is actually going to art school, so thankyaaa! I actually have to wait for my pictures, because I made them with the camera you can see on the second picture, like back in the old days, bc that's how we roll.... okay just kidding, but it is kind of old tough.. Hope you like it, and have a great holiday! - mine are coming soon, will be continued.. -
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Jul 16, 2013


Hey there! I just wanted to write a quick post before I am heading to bed. I just got back from ten days Turkey today, and truly, it was a-ma-zing! This is not going to be a large post, but it was simply the best. I went there with my two sisters, two cousins, my mom, uncle and aunt. I had the best laughter and times ever, and these people just make me really happy.. I am just so sad it's already over now... I will sure post some pictures tomorrow and later on.. Make sure you will love your holiday as much as I did! Kiss!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
This is the post I wrote last night, before I fell asleep.. So I will post it right now! I have been working on my lay out all day, what do you think? I would love to hear some feedback! Have a great day!!
edit: If you know an awesome font for my blogtitles, please let me know! This one is pretty awful.. haha!
edit #2: Already fixed... :D

with my gallll.

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'Surround yourself by the good   -  people you love, and those who will make you feel loved  -   those are stated in this categorie.'
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